Thursday, December 13, 2007

Best of 2007

There are so many best of lists out there this time of year, I thought I'd add my best of list to the mix. The following are my favorite things of 2007:


1) Moses Mayfield - The Inside. I'm still listening to this CD on a regular basis...and I think I got Pete into it too. "Are you are you..."

2) Travis - The Boy With No Name. I became a big Travis fan after hearing the song "Sing" in one of those movie theater pre-show radio stations that I often loathe. When I found out they were releasing a new album, I snatched it up on iTunes and I couldn't be happier with my decision. This CD kept me sane to and from work for a good two months. "My Eyes" and "Under the Moonlight" are favs of mine.

3) John Mayer - Continuum. He might have made some odd personal choices this year (Jessica Simpson??), but his albums just get better and better. I also enjoyed his "Village Sessions" EP, which contained acoustic versions of a lot of the songs on Continuum. I'm also enjoying his new single "Say" from the movie The Bucket List.

4) Brandi Carlile - The Story. In an interview, Carlile explained that her singing voice is dramatic to make up for her dull personal life. I don't know about the personal life thing, but she's definitely got a dramatic voice and a wonderful songwriting ability. Favorite tracks: "My Song," "Wasted" and "The Story."

5) James Blunt - All the Lost Souls. Solid album from a solid artist. Better than his first album, which is a good sign. I hope to include him on many top five lists for years to come. Favorite track: "1973"

Growing on me - "Not Too Late" by Norah Jones and Daughtry


1) Umbrella - Rhianna
2) Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
3) No One - Alicia Keys
4) The Story - Brandi Carlile
5) 1234 - Feist
6) Lost - Faith Hill
7) So Small - Carrie Underwood
8) Last Request - Paolo Nutini
9) You Know I'm No Good - Amy Winehouse
10) Grace Kelly - MIKA


Since I don't go to the theaters much anymore, some of the following movies actually came out in 2006, but since I didn't actually see them until 2007, they made the list.

1) Children of Men - this movie should have gotten much more attention last year at awards time. It was absolutely brilliant! Buy it used at Blockbuster like I did for $5! GO!

2) Knocked Up/Superbad - Judd Apatow is on a roll and both movies prove that he is the funniest person in show business at the moment. Knocked Up was a better movie, but Superbad had some absolutely hilarious moments.

3) Little Children - I still think about this movie from time to time. That's when you know a movie is good. Kate Winslet always seems to pick the best movies...that is, except for "The Holiday" (what was she thinking?), it's sad that this is all I can think of. Either I'm tired, or I really need to do a better job of seeing some good movies! I'm disappointed in myself.

Maybe my new years resolution needs to be, "make time for movies, music and more pop culture to keep your blog interesting." Done and done.

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